Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Ithaki, a poem from the upcoming book "Deep blue eyes on the Greek Isles" by Author Dimitri S. Sarantis

My Ithaki 

(The island of Ithaki was the kingdom of Ulysses and his home destination in Homer's poem the Odyssey)

What I love in you is
Your astonishing beauty,
Your sparkling and amorous smile..
A smile reflected by your
Sparkling deep blue eyes
Gleaming perfect teeth
White as snow…
Your beauty is of a very unique kind…
When you have your hear pulled up
Your thin, sleek face
With its snow white, smooth as silk
Perfectly pure, smooth skin
You remind me of the most beautiful 
Greek woman, ever, Helen of Troy.
I have not seen that before in my life…
Pure, elegant, distinctive,
What I love in your beauty
Is the shape of your eyes…
They are unique.
They are well defined,
Aesthetic, sculpted so beautifully.
They remind me
Of those special eyes
only Greek Goddesses had...
Perfectly almond shaped
What I love in you
Is the color of your eyes…
The refreshing crystal blue
The deep blue of the Aegean Sea
What I love in you is your beautiful mind…
A mind so crisp,
So sharp, so very quick…
I have had hours of conversations with you.
I admire you.
I am just so amazed
I just can not follow you
You are just too fast for me, just too fast
What I love in you is your culture
You are deeply educated, well rounded
You know about books,
You know about classical music,
You were a violin 
nation wide
Contest winner.
You know about art…
Ancient Greek sculpture
Renaissance paintings
You touch me
What I love you is your most pleasant personality.
You are smiling, easy going,
You always excuse me 
When I’m at fault.
Relaxed, ethereal, radiant…
You are very sensitive,
Like when you wrote to me
To watch the moon that night.

You are a great romantic.
You cry with some of my poems
But yours are even more sensitive
Praising the beauty of love
With amour and delicate sentiments
You have a most gregarious personality.
You are just simply, very, very sweet
Your smile glows makes the beauty of your face
Radiate and shine
What I love in you is your CLASS…
You know how to behave eloquently,
Stylishly, with a superb distinction.
You have an excellent upbringing,
You know how to talk, how to return favours,
How to, dress elegantly.
You have such an air of grace
That’s why all the men
Turn around to watch you
Every time we go out.
You are the kind of Lady that
Fits perfectly in Aspen, Monaco, St Moritz.
I love your beauty,
I love the shape of your eyes,
I love the colour of your eyes,
I love your beautiful mind,
I love your culture,
I love your personality
And I really love your class…
But there is something else
I love even more than all the rest!
I love your strong will…
Pure drive, pure determination,
Pure resolve…
You are indeed iron willed…
You have so many achievements to show in your life…
College, violin, jobs, top professionalism
In our application collaboration
All this because of your clever mind
and your strong willpower
I am attracted to You,
I care for You,
I admire You,
I believe in You,
I love You,
I share my deepest secrets with You;
I trust You so much
I’ve told you all
You’re in my mind

I have travelled my long Odyssey all these endless years;
I was looking everywhere for my Ithaki
But I could not find it anywhere;
Anywhere at all;
And I have travelled long days,
Days without an end,
Days with lots of pain and tribulations.
I have travelled to the end of the world...
My Ithaki was nowhere to be found...
And yet, finally, one day,
I found my beloved Ithaki.
My Ithaki is friendship,
My Ithaki is love
That is my Ithaki
I have this wonderful,
Sweet feeling of being close to someone
With warmth, who believes in me,
Cares for me, trusts me,
Shares all these same
wonderful feelings with me...
I feel joy, pure joy;
After all these years I have found my Ithaki...,
I am a dreamer
And my dreams have come true...
I have found my Ithaki...

What I love the very most in You
Is the priceless treasure I have found inside You...
I have found my own Ithaki,
My Ithaki, at last...
Ithaki is a secret,
Our own secret...

You are such a beautiful person Sophie...
A person to share with...
Thank you for being my Ithaki...
The long, long journey
was well worth it...
Yes, my Sophie, it was!!!


Sophie's reply

 Tissues & Tears hold the eyes back
From reading Your Miracle
Our Ithaki!!!
How beautiful it is meant to be
Pure Trust,
Deep Friendship,
Star-treatment of two Egos!!!
The Moonlight Full
Looking down, feeling our souls
I am speechless, astonished,
Amazed by your extreme esoteric Motion,
They are all in there
In the miracle of your poem
You sent me
You can See In People
You own the GIFT
You can admire
Every Hint of personality,
But I believe that
It is Yourself
That You Should Best ADMIRE
Mind, achievements,
Sensitivity and romance
Life passes its thin veil
So mysteriously over people
That they really miss to realize
 The true meanings and sub-Hints of life
Life is surprisingly Perfect
For people who can see in It and love for It!
You are one of them
I have seen In You
U are the One I have seen!!!
Love, feelings, emotions,
Spiritual records and body messages,
Hold the very essence of
Every tiny particle
That creates the bodies of Your Life
Who fail to reveal their perfect selves,
But sell their worst versions
People can be the Gods or Demons
Angels are trying to take a form
You are the source of Hint of Life
Fight for It!
Prove what you really Are!!!
Give Joy,
Take even more
I believe that our life route,
Motivated by the Ithaki route,
Accompanied by constant self-improvements
 Is becoming better and better daily  
Is to lead US to Heaven
This is GOD
Us reaching the GOD-Standards,
The GOD-image and talents
The God-traces
And Hints that God-offers
U are there
At the Top;
Blowing your wind of perfection
Towards your spiritual bonds,
Myself maybe an Angel
That struggles for perfectionism
U are already a God,
Already There!!!!
Thank you Paul,
Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you from my heart, from my soul

Ur Sophie
h � b > @8� �� span class=apple-style-span>You are such a beautiful person Sophie...
A person to share with...
Thank you for being my Ithaki...
The long, long journey
was well worth it...
Yes, my Sophie, it was!!!